NLSC Infinitely Intelligent Algorithms
Great software applications always starts with people first, technology second... not the other way around!

In the world of technology, there has been a fundamental disconnect between the people who need technology and those who create it.

On one side are the businesses that use technology and rely on it to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace. They know their businesses well, and while they may know something about technology, their main interest is in using technology to support and add value to, their core business.

The Money Merge Account program will revolutionize the financial services industry and is a natural fit with the core business of mortgage brokers, realtors, financial advisors, insurance agents and accountants.

Solutions that will change the financial landscape of millions of people worldwide... one family at a time.

Following years of research, NLSC conceptualized, developed, validated and optimized scientific software and information systems that enable consumers to Cancel Debt, Increase Equity and Build Wealth. Our revolutionary, interactive, real-time software programs are currently available under the trademark names Money Merge Account® system in North America, and UAccount™ in Australia and New Zealand.

Utilizing infinitely intelligent algorithms customized to individual financial circumstances, the Money Merge Account system can read, search and analyze large amounts of information, make predictions, split- second decisions, and adapt and adjust instantly to changes in new information input into the program.

Applications to private label the Money Merge Account and UAccount programs will be considered at the discretion of the company.
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Developed as a financial education, budgeting, retirement planning, coaching and debt cancellation software solution, the Money Merge Account program is uniquely calibrated to focus on paying off mortgage principal and other debts over some of shortest possible time-frames, on what for most people, is by far the biggest investment they will ever make… the family home. An Independent Actuarial Review by Deloitte will confirm that by using and following the Money Merge Account prompts and recommendations, an existing mortgage, can on average be paid off in as little as one-half to one-third the time, without refinancing the existing mortgage, increasing regular monthly payments, and with little to no change to lifestyle.